Core Dimension 3 - Health, Safety & Security

We all have a responsibility to ensure that we maintain and promote the health, safety and security and security of patients and clients, the public, work colleagues and ourselves.

Check out your rights and responsibilities related to maintaining a safe working environment and promoting the health and wellbeing of staff, patients and the wider community in the Staff Governance Standard.

Core Dimension 3 covers issues related to:

  • Environment – ensuring a safe working environment and a safe environment for patients and their families and visitors.
  • People – their personal health, safety and well-being
  • Information – security of information including data protection
  • Premises – safety and security of premises and equipment

Think about how the areas listed above would apply within your post.

What steps do you need to take to ensure you contribute to a safe workplace? What areas apply to your job?

Knowing your  departmental fire safety routine:

  • where are the fire call points?
  • what are the different types of fire extinguishers, how should these be used, where are they located in your workplace?

What mandatory or statutory training do you need to complete in order to do the job safely? How often does this training need to be updated?

If you are working with food – what are the food hygiene and safe storage rules that you would need to know and comply with?

How do you ensure that you comply with the Data Protection Act?

What are the key areas of health and safety procedures you need to follow in your work area – for example:

  • Ward or clinical areas
    • Infection control procedures
    • Storage of clean linen or disposal of dirty linen
    • Decontamination procedures
    • Sharps disposal
    • Clinical waste disposal
    • Storage of medicines
    • Aseptic techniques
    • Safe storage of hazardous material
    • Explaining safety precautions to staff, patients or public
    • Safe operation of aids and devices
  • Workshop or laboratory areas
    • Safe storage, maintenance and use of equipment and tools
    • Checking/testing of electrical or electronic equipment
    • Storage and use of substances hazardous to health (COSHH regulations)
    • Importance of clear work areas
  • Office areas
    • Safe use of IT equipment including display screens
    • Clear workspaces – cables tidy to avoid trip hazards
    • Electrical safety – testing of equipment before use, safe use of electrical sockets
    • Information – how do you ensure that sensitive information is safely stored and kept secure? This might be information on paper (patient records or other confidential information) or information stored on computer
  • Working in the community
    • What are the specific risks around working in the community?
    • Think about lone worker protocols
    • Risk assessment for patient home
    • Driving or visiting in unfamiliar areas

How would you ensure your own health, safety and security and that of patients, clients, visitors and other work colleagues?

Think about:

  • Your uniform policy
  • The need to wear an identity badge
  • What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required within  your work area and for particular tasks
  • Hand hygiene policies
  • Food hygiene policies
  • Drug storage and administration

How would you identify and eliminate or reduce risk of harm to patients from disease, treatment or the environment?

What risk assessments would be related to your job? The risks might relate to you, patients, visitors or work colleagues.

What systems are used to report any incidents or near misses?

What steps or actions would you take if you saw someone putting themselves or others at risk?

What steps or actions would you take if an emergency happened in your work area?

For Reviewers and Managers

If you are responsible for managing staff or services

  • What specific actions do you take to assess risks and monitor the health, safety and security of staff?
  • What are the main policies, procedures and aspects of legislation that you need to follow to monitor and maintain health, safety and security within your areas of responsibility?

Core Dimension 4 - Service Improvement