Core Dimension 5 - Quality

The Quality Strategy is the Scottish Government’s policy for improving the quality of care that patients/clients receive from NHSScotland. It puts people at the heart of everything the health service does and focuses on providing the best possible care. The Quality Strategy recognises that all NHSScotland staff need to be involved in order for real improvements to be made. This includes both clinical and non-clinical staff at all levels.

The Quality Strategy stresses the need for all staff to play their part in improving quality, and focuses on three quality ambitions. These are that healthcare services should be person centred, safe and effective. Quality improvement is central to all of the dimensions of KSF.

Core Dimension 5 is also about how well you work with the members of your team and other colleagues in or outwith your organisation and how you develop respectful and effective working relationships. It requires you to ensure you act in a professional manner at all times.

Think about, for example:

How do you demonstrate that you are acting in a professional manner at work:

  • If you have a uniform, do you wear this at all times and ensure a clean and neat appearance?
  • Is your identification clearly displayed?
  • How do you show that you treat patients, the public and your co-workers with respect and courtesy at all times?

Do you understand what contribution your job makes to the whole team or to the whole organisation?

  • What are the objectives and values of your organisation?
  • How do you know that you are working within your own level of knowledge, skill level and responsibility?
  • What do you do if you are unsure about something you have been asked to do?

How do you describe quality in relation to your own job, team or department:

  • What timescales, standards or rules do you have to follow or meet to do your job safely and effectively?
  • Are there clear evidence guidelines that you need to follow?
  • Do you follow a professional or employer’s Code of Conduct – how does this apply to how you do your job?

What kinds of supplies do you use in your job?

  • How do you make sure that you are using these efficiently and not wasting resources?

Is there important equipment, machines, tools or vehicles that you use on a regular basis?

  • How do you keep these in good working order?

What would you be expected to do if you had concerns regarding the quality of work being done in your team or department?

How do you ensure that the level of quality is maintained or improved within your job and your team? Do you carry out:

  • regular monitoring of standards
  • spot checks or inspections
  • regular audits of service, of the care provided or the essential paperwork

How do you get feedback from:

  • patients, carers and families
  • other teams you work with
  • other organisations/agencies that you work with

What actions would you take to improve the quality of your work and/or the work of your team?

Core Dimension 6 - Equality and Diversity