Core Dimension 6 - Equality and Diversity

It is the responsibility of all staff to work in ways that support equality and diversity.

Equality is about creating a fairer society where everyone has the chance to participate and fulfil their potential.

Diversity is about recognising and valuing difference in its broadest sense. It is about creating a culture and practice that recognises, respects and values people's differences for the benefit of all.

Core Dimension 6 underpins all dimensions in the KSF. Equality and diversity is relevant to the actions and responsibilities of everyone:

  • users of services, including patients, clients and carers
  • work colleagues
  • employees
  • people in other organisations and the public in general

Equality should be reflected in all types of activities.

Think about:

Being aware of the wellbeing of all members of your work team and supporting them appropriately.

Helping people to make the best use of their abilities:

  • Making sure staff are supported
  • Helping and enabling patients, carers and their families
  • Ensuring that people are treated fairly and consistently

How you are able to show that you work in a person centred way by valuing and respecting people as individuals:

Do you understand people’s beliefs, choices and preferences for:

  • How they want to be addressed or spoken to
  • The kind of food and drink they wish to have or not have
  • Their faith and their belief
  • Having privacy and being treated with dignity at all times
  • Do you know where to find information on equality and diversity?
  • What policies are relevant to how you ensure you work in a person centred way?

What steps might you take if someone is not valuing and respecting people as individuals?

How do you support other members of the team to work in a person centred way?

General Dimension 6 - People Management