Creating a KSF Post Outline

This will normally be the responsibility of your manager. However KSF Post Outlines should be developed in partnership. Your Board will have its own guidance around the processes that should be followed to develop KSF post outlines. You will find this guidance on your local intranet.

It is important to remember that KSF post outlines must be realistic and should be about setting out the knowledge and skills that are needed to work safely and effectively in the job.

Step 1 – Choose the right KSF Dimensions for the post

All post outlines should include the 6 Core Dimensions. At first it might be easier to focus only on the Core Dimensions as most aspects of any job in the NHS can fit easily into these 6 areas. However if the post will be responsible for managing people then G6 – People Management must be included.

If you feel that the other specific dimensions are helpful to add more detail then you should only use one or two of these at the most. Remember these are optional.

Step 2 – Decide on the right level for the dimensions

It is important to be realistic when choosing the right level for each dimension. Think about what different grades of post might need. You might find it helpful to look at our guide for KSF dimensions levels that are most commonly used in different pay bands.

Once the levels are agreed, all staff working to that post outline will need to meet all of the indicators in that level by the time they reach their last few incremental points – the KSF gateway.

Step 3 – Add Examples of Application under each dimension

Examples of application are just short statements which show how the knowledge and skills would apply in the job. It is important to add real examples from the job as these help to make a  link between the KSF indicators and what staff will actually do in the day to day job.

These examples are also useful to have as prompts or reminders at the PDP&R discussion.

One example of application may apply to one or more of the indicators in the level so there is no need to have very long and complex post outlines. The important thing is that they are relevant to the particular job.

Adding Examples of Application to a KSF Post Outline