General Dimension 6 - People Management

If you are responsible for the management or supervision of any other members of staff then this Dimension should appear in your KSF post outline – it could be considered as a Core Dimension for Managers and Supervisors.

General Dimension 6 is about the management of individuals and teams. It covers activities such as recruitment, selection, work planning, allocating and delegating activities and reviewing performance.

This dimension places a clear emphasis on getting the best from people, treating them fairly and consistently and involving them in decisions about their work. The dimension includes aspects of leadership as it is through culture change and leadership from the top that others are inspired to deliver high quality services.

You might want to think about:

Recruitment and selection

  • Do you know the policies and procedures for recruiting new staff to your organisation? What areas of recruitment are you responsible for? How do you apply the policies and procedures in your job?
  • How do you ensure that the selection process is fair and equitable?
  • How do you conduct effective interviews to ensure you find the best person for the job?

Planning Work

  • How do you make sure that people have the opportunity to contribute to the planning and organisation of their work? Do you have;
    • Regular team meetings
    • Meetings on a one to one basis
  • What actions do you need take to ensure that you can react to changing work priorities – how do support your team members cope with changing work priorities?

Allocating and delegating work

  • How do you ensure that you match delegated duties and responsibility to the team member's individual capability?
  • What do you need to consider when setting SMART objectives for staff?


  • How will you use leadership skills to inspire professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm in your team?
  • How will you monitor, coach and support staff to ensure satisfactory performance?
  • How will you promote the wellbeing of your team members?

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