Your Personal Development Plan

This is the outcome of the personal development review process. Your Personal Development Plan (PDP) for the year will address the learning needs (sometimes called learning objectives) that have been agreed at your review. It will include some learning activities that will help you gain new knowledge and skills or maintain and update your current level of knowledge and skills used in your job. Learning activities could be ‘on the job’ learning or sometimes they may need to be formal ‘off the job’ learning.

You may have a new learning need because of:

  • A new piece of equipment that you require to use as part of your job
  • A new computer system that you require to use
  • A new policy or procedure that you need to follow
  • New or changed forms/paperwork that you have to complete
  • A move to new premises e.g. ward, office or base with changed health and safety procedures to be followed in the case of an emergency
  • A need to work to the full KSF outline levels for your job

Some examples of the learning activities that you may undertake are:

  • Learning from user manuals, guides and instruction leaflets
  • Learning from DVDs, books and demonstration & lectures
  • Learning from someone else who already does what you need to learn
  • Learning from elearning modules
  • Learning from tutor lead activities delivered by Learning & Education Advisors, Practice Development professionals, Practice Education Facilitators etc.
  • Learning from job rotation and shadowing

Other examples of ‘off the job’ learning examples may include:

  • Learning from secondments
  • Learning from formal education courses
  • Learning from networking events
  • Learning from ‘off the job’ instructor lead/classroom events