Personal Development Review using the KSF

The key documents needed are your KSF outline and job description – the focus should be on your current job and ensuring that both you and your manger feel that you are supported to fulfil your role safely and effectively.

Watch the video about preparing for your Personal Development Review.

There is no need to cover all dimensions at every review. Jointly agree what the main areas for discussion will be – start with an obvious strength and then move to an area which you both agree could be developed. This will depend on the needs of the department and individual and could be influenced by, for example:

  • Are there areas of positive practice that need to be celebrated? – positive patient comments, visible improvements in the performance of the department, members of the team who have shown real efforts to improve quality and service. You may wish to reflect on what has gone well and why.
  • Is there new equipment or new paperwork to be used or introduced – are staff comfortable using this? Is there a need for new knowledge and skills to be developed or a need for communication and awareness raising?
  • Is there a need to review Health & Safety procedures – for example have there been more incidents reported over the last 12 months.  Can you use these as a learning experience and reflect on what needs to be improved?
  • Is there a new policy to be followed eg infection control policy, fire safety policy, new tax rules or employment legislation to be applied? How might this impact on your job, your team or your department?
  • What about communication or quality – how has the department performed with regard to comments received on communication/staff attitudes in the last 12 months?
  • Are staff aware of the work being done around Person Centred Care or the Dignity at Work project
  • What about improving patient outcomes – is there audit information which suggests that a review of evidence is required? – are there new treatments/techniques to be introduced? Perhaps you want to discuss carrying out an audit to monitor compliance with policy in your area?
  • What about equality and diversity – is there a change in the patient population demographics locally?  Is the department looking at health inequalities and how to address these? Is there a need for the team to better understand health inequalities?
  • For senior staff – are there new government strategies which are relevant to your role –  do staff understand what impact will these have or what changes need to be made?  What are the leadership challenges to be faced?